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overjoyed application


Name: Lucy

Age: 28

Contact: [ profile] lucylovespluto or pm!

Preferred Pronouns: she/her

Other Characters: n/a!


Name: Annabeth Chase

Age: 19 (17 in canon + 2 years established)

Memory Option: 1 with the potential for memory regain!

Established Status: Yep, 2 years!

Canon: Riordan Mythos

Canon Point: Post Hammer of Thor (Magnus Chase series)

Citizenship: Leithian previously, but RAC member so n/a.

Job: Warrant/Information broker.

* Level:

Minor: Prophetic dreaming All Greek demigods have prophetic/semi-prophetic dreams and messages especially when bad shit starts to go down, for some reason. These dreams are rarely clear, but do sometimes include actual events.

Passive: Divine Wisdom This is technically one of her blessings as a daughter of Athena and is literally just a way to say "so anyway she's really super smart". In particular Annabeth is a brilliant architect and strategist. However, it also means she's able to pick up new things at the drop of a pin. Examples of the last are learning to fly a helicopter in five seconds as it was plummeting to a crash based on having read some notes on aviation machines once and making her "best guess" and being able to weave so fast her hands seemed to be blurring the first time she ever tried to weave. Annabeth learns quickly and learns well.

Passive: Weapons The other mainstay blessing of a child of Athena is that she's able to use pretty much any weapon that finds its way into her hands. Athena kids may not be flashy but they are pretty useful?

Passive: Athletics/Battle training Annabeth is hella athletic. She was basically raised at CHB from age seven onwards, and the camp is focused on training demigod children to like, not die in battle against monsters. There's a climbing wall that shakes with simulated explosions, drops rocks down it, and has lava gushing down the sides. Extrapolate from there her mad athlete abilities. Swimming, fighting, climbing - Annabeth will find all of this very easy.

Passive: Enhanced Physical Condition A Greek demigod catchall thing, to a lesser degree than some of the other heavy hitters - however, she's a bit more durable than the average Joe.

Passive: Mist Vision She can see through the canon construct known as the "Mist" which obscures monsters from in-universe muggles. This matters Not At All outside of canon since there is no Mist elsewhere but I'm mentioning it for posterity.

Passive: FUCK SPIDERS Also spiders hate her as a child of Athena and will 100% of the time choose to bite Annabeth, it is the WORST power, MAKE IT STOP.

Skill: ADHD/dyslexia All Greek demigods are dyslexic because their brains are hard-wired to understand/think in ancient greek; they appear to have ADHD because they've got hyper danger reflexes.
Annabeth Chase is not exactly known for her warmth, but rather for her wit. No one would say upon meeting her that she's the friendliest person in the world - she can be friendly, yes, but she tends to have sort of tense first meetings with a lot of people in-universe since she is hella focused on any task she sets herself to doing. This includes demanding information from Percy when supposedly nursing him back to health upon first meeting him, and running up to Jason, Leo, and Piper with her dagger drawn and demanding to know where Percy was upon first meeting them, without any lead-in pleasantries first in either situation. She definitely can be rather off-standish at times due to her intense focus on her task (in Percy's case she wanted to know about him because her main goal was Getting A Quest, so she was looking for anyone who could match the prophecy that could snag her one; in Jason/Leo/Piper's case, she was looking for Percy and basically didn't give a fuck about anything other than > gather information > FIND THE BOYFRIEND). It's noted by a few people that her gaze is fairly intense and she tends to look at people like she's solving a thousand different things in her mind or like she's regarding them like a problem to be solved.

Despite this, Annabeth can act easily with her friends, laughing and joking around. It's just that you have to, you know, get her out of her laser-focus mode first. Once her trust is won it is not easily lost, and she is an extremely loyal and reliable friend. She's capable of being pleasant and does spend a lot of time thinking about her friends and how they are. It is incredibly hard to lose her favor once earned (permanently, at least, though you can get her annoyed with you). While some manage to meet her in laser-focus mode or find her when she's being stern and determined about something, almost all of Camp Half-Blood and even the Roman campers learn that Annabeth does have other sides. Frank recalls her being kind and patient and helpful to him; she's always pleasant to Tyson now that they're friends, even though she didn't get on with him at first; she also acts as something of a mentor to Piper upon the other girl's arrival at CHB.

Her biggest dreams aside from building something lasting involved getting her parents back together and turning a friend away from the dark; Annabeth Chase is very friend-and-family oriented even when she has had a lack of permanence in her life. Due to her nature as a demigod, Annabeth attracted monsters from a young age, and her father's apparent lack of love or understanding caused her to run away at the age of seven, not to return for a long while. She told Percy later that she felt everything was changing, and she thinks the reason she wants to become an architect might be because there was nothing permanent in her life for a very long time. Things that last and stay are very important to Annabeth Chase: Percy is one of those things to her now, and she was a complete wreck when he was missing thanks to Hera in the Heroes of Olympus books.

Athena is the goddess of of wisdom, handicrafts, useful arts, and battle strategy, and Annabeth is most certainly her mother's daughter. Annabeth's biggest strength is her intelligence and her cool head when it comes to planning things. While she can be temperamental, Annabeth usually is able to adjust her plans on the fly in battle. She's capable of staying calm enough to do advanced mathematics in order to plan out the trajectory of a jump and the force needed in order to make sure she and Percy stay alive, and she is usually the one to make connections about things and to try to alert Percy to said connections. Annabeth is a complete nerd who is constantly reading and learning and she's very, very smart; she also has wisdom, however, which is different from intelligence. While this by no means indicates she doesn't fuck things up (that's like, a demigod mainstay or something) Annabeth tries to treat others well and tries to look at all sides of a problem. She stands up to her mother and speaks in favor of working with the Romans, for example, because she has the wisdom to see past the Greek biases. As a strategist, Annabeth is basically second to none demigod-wise in the series; others tend to look to her for plans, and Percy's teasing nickname of "Wise Girl" definitely isn't far off the mark. This isn't to say Percy's bullshitting on the fly isn't the better choice sometimes (how the fuck, Percy Jackson) but when it comes to a plan that isn't bullshit, Annabeth is your girl. She is furthermore a very solid leader - Annabeth cares about the people she's supposed to protect, and is fiercely dedicated to all the CHB campers and anyone else she calls a friend. She will give her all for anyone under her umbrella of "these people are mine" and gods help you if you get in the way of that.

Every hero has a fatal flaw, although not every demigod is lucky enough to know what theirs is. Annabeth Chase is fully aware that her fatal flaw is hubris, but even so she rarely manages to avoid falling prey to it. Annabeth believes herself capable of almost anything. While this is not always detrimental, it sure as fuck is when she refuses to hear otherwise and/or takes things too far for the sake of her pride. The series is littered with examples of Annabeth's pride getting the best of her. When she and Percy and Grover were confronted with a Sphinx who was asking them 20 questions (all dumb trivia things Annabeth knew without thinking) instead of a riddle which made them think, Annabeth refused to answer the trivia questions after a few rounds and demanded a riddle worthy of her intelligence despite her friends telling her to just finish the game so they could move on and maybe not poke the giant cat monster. Obviously she ignored them in order to demand a proper challenge, and the Sphinx attacked them all because of it. That's one of the more egregious examples in a series full of them.

Annabeth's fatal flaw is perhaps more deadly because she is extremely competent and intelligent. There is a lot she can accomplish which others can't - and the fact that this is true means sometimes she forgets that there are also things she can't accomplish, or she refuses to believe it. Annabeth took the weight of the sky from Luke and was able to bear it for longer than Percy managed later. She solved the quest in the Mark of Athena which every other child of Athena before her had failed. In the end, she did manage to see Luke returned to himself in the first series, even if Luke did not survive his return to his senses. She survived Tartarus, along with Percy. These feats only lend credence to her dangerous pride, even though she admittedly would not have attempted them without the hubris she possesses in the first place. It's something of a never-ending circle of crazy ideas. Even being fully aware of her weak point, Annabeth has enough pride she believes that she can keep it in mind falling prey to her hubris. She even asked Percy if he didn't think he could tear the world down and do it better than the gods from scratch, a thought she'd had before (Percy, being Percy, basically went "lmao no I'd be a terrible ruler").

Her pride can also make her a pain in the ass to deal with in ways other than believing herself capable of anything. Annabeth straight out refuses to work with Hera, Queen of the Gods, when she disagrees with what Hera was doing and saying. She tells Hera this flat out, making an obvious enemy of one of the most dangerous and grudge-bearing gods, which was...kind of not the best idea? Annabeth isn't really the type of person to go with the flow or agree to take an easier path in order not to make waves. She always does what she believes is Right in any given situation, regardless of the enemies she will make, even if they are far too powerful. She figures she can handle it, and also will not allow herself the flexibility to take a path she doesn't think is correct.

If she had to name a second fatal flaw, Annabeth would probably have to call it her curiosity. While curiosity is good in moderation, Annabeth does very little in moderation. She puts herself (and occasionally others) in danger numerous times in order to satisfy her curiosity, although the most vividly "Annabeth, why" example was when she and Percy were sailing through the Sea of Monsters. When they were coming up on the Sirens, Annabeth refused to put wax in her ears to block their song, but instead asked Percy to spot her so she was able to listen to the song, since she'd never get another chance to hear what it sounded like and she wanted to know, to become stronger from it. She managed to slip her bonds and very nearly got herself drowned so that was dumb, yeah.

Annabeth is extremely territorial and defensive of her friends (especially Percy and Luke, at different times) and was prone to jealousy before she and Percy started dating, although the knowledge they are dating seems to have tempered her fits of jealousy re: Percy and other girls at least. But she does not take kindly to threats or insults to her friends, and while it can take her a little while to open up to people, once she's decided someone is her friend she's a loyal friend for life. It took Luke like ten zillion betrayals for Annabeth to finally decide Percy had a point about him being evil and even then she was sullen and reluctant about it - and even then she backtracked immediately when she realized there was still a slim shot that he could be saved. Even when she thinks Percy's plans are stupid (read: often) she always has his back, no matter how much they might be arguing at the time. This can even be somewhat literal, as Annabeth blocked a blade aimed for his back with her own body, taking a poisoned blade to the arm. Note that this was when Percy was newly invulnerable and Annabeth had no idea his weak point was at the small of his back - she simply reacted, defending him with everything she was. She was equally willing to sacrifice herself when she threw herself at the back of an enemy targeting Thalia and Percy, which took her out of commission for most of an entire book as she fell off a cliff with the enemy and was captured. While Annabeth usually prefers to have plans, she can be extremely impulsive in the heat of battle when it comes to the defense of those people she considers "hers".

Finally, it should be noted that Annabeth is absolutely terrified of spidersdue to the old feud between Arachne and Athena. Spiders always plague any child of Athena, and she can't be near one without it biting her. Her fear of spiders is nearly debilitating at times and basically just get those fuckers away from her please and thank you? That fear aside, Annabeth is a brave girl. At seven she ran at Luke and Thalia in an alley armed only with a hammer, thinking they were monsters; she also never shirks a fight in the series, always leaping to the defense of others and never turning her back on a quest. Sure, all that bravery seems to dissipate at the sight of a spider, but it does still exist.
AU History:
original brainstorming meme link here!

-Annabeth Chase was born on Leith to a family of merchants and scholars. She and her younger brother, Magnus, received schooling and training to that extent and were nebulously planned to eventually be thrown into the family business if there was room. Her childhood was more or less focused on that, and while she didn't get along with everyone in her family she was at least on good terms with Magnus.
-However, there were Too Many Chase Kids and Annabeth was slated to become a Surrogate.
-She promptly decided fuck that and ran away from home. She felt the best way to end the argument before it became an argument was to make it basically impossible to exist and joined up with the RAC for training.
-Annabeth did not go the Killjoy route, but instead was tapped for the skills she'd been brought up with as the daughter of merchants and information traders and became a Warrant Broker.
-Magnus ran away from home after her a little less dramatically.
-The running away took place when Annabeth was about fifteen (in canon she ran away at seven so this was an improvement, actually) so there was a fair period of training time.
-For the past few years she and Magnus have operated out of their own ship, Pallas, as a broker-medic team. They operate between HQ, Westerly, and their ship in rotation and Killjoys have access to the schedule and their frequencies if they need to catch the Chases and for some reason can't go to any of the three locations during their times there (like, if they need a medic quick, or information).
-Annabeth does do some other information brokering on the side, but is always neutral in her dealings to date and puts RAC jobs first at all times.
CRAU: nope!

Original History: here you go!

-1 personal cloaking device (previously an invisibility cap).
-1 camp halfblood necklace, which is just a necklace with clay beads on it (she has more beads than percy, for the record).

Unfortunately she would totally have tossed a CHB t-shirt so oops! And she thinks using swords in space is Kind Of Dumb. So that's it!
Samples: here on the tdm & here is a network/action post from a previous game (though with a different journal; that's still me I promise).

Miscellaneous Notes: Nada! However, since she is a book character her pb is Britt Robertson if you need to know that!